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We provide demolition services for every occasion. Whether you need something torn down to create room for more space or to build the house of your dreams, we're there for you. Serving Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, and Illinois we are always prompt and friendly.


With the most experienced and friendly contractors around, you can always rely on us, and trust that we'll give you exactly what you expect.


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Safety is always our priority

Demolition can be a dangerous business. That's why at Toschlog Excavating, we take every precaution before starting a project to ensure all safety protocols are in place.

Demolition is just one of our many operations. We provide the best excavating services in the area. We also provide drainage services, concrete work, and install ponds. Give us a call today to being your project with us.

What other services do we provide?


Need something demolished? We provide FREE estimates so don't hesitate to give us a call today and get started.


We give you the safest, most time-efficient, and affordable demolition and excavating services in the area.

Toschlog Excavating has the most comprehensive services in the area.